How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Sign: Size, Colors, Design… Oh, My!

Once you’ve decided on the type of sign that will provide the most value for you, it’s time for the next step- selecting the design. Simply having a sign isn’t enough to make it effective; the sign has to work as a call to action for your selected audience.

What design elements should you consider?
  1. Size- Choosing the right size of sign is important to ensure it is seen by your audience. If your sign is going to be placed outdoors, select a size that will be visible to those driving by and is positioned in a manner that is easy to see. For an indoor sign, select a size that won’t overwhelm your audience, but will still grab their attention.
  2. Color- The colors of your sign should reflect the message you are trying to portray. If it is a simple logo sign, select colors from your brand’s color palette. If you are promoting something, choose a color from your brand palette and another color that will stand out (however, be sure the two colors play together nicely!)
  3. Design- Lastly, the design of your sign is crucial and should be managed professionally. Trust our team to help you create a professional sign design. Now is not the time to trust a friend’s doodle he created in his basement on word processing software!
Ready to begin the sign-making process?

Give us a call at Margison Graphics and Signs- 765-529-8250. We will talk with you about your signage goals and provide you with a high-quality sign at the best value possible.

Click here to learn how to select the type of sign that is best for you.

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